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At Footsteps we follow the English National Curriculum 2014, ensuring all students will be best prepared for their transition to high school, with an additional Cayman focus. Incorporating regular beach and outdoor-learning days into our timetable sets us apart from all other schools on island. The first and only accredited beach school in the Cayman Islands, we are also the official educational partner for the National Trust of the Cayman Islands, which means we can access their wealth of knowledge and share our learning journey with educators who share our passion.   

We aim to create a bespoke, relevant curriculum with an emphasis on learning through investigation and using our local natural environment. We have small class sizes as research shows that this is a key element of effective teaching and learning. We individualise learning as far as possible, offering support and extension to every child, on an individual basis.


At Footsteps, we are lucky enough to have a wonderful team of experienced specialist teachers who work alongside our class teachers and lead learning in languages, physical education, music & drama, yoga and religious education. Our teachers work together to plan their lessons, ensuring they are stimulating, varied and accessible, with a focus on learning through nature wherever possible. 

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