– Our mission statement –

 Our mission is to create a vibrant, stimulating and inclusive environment where children enjoy an exciting curriculum that leads them through their educational journey, one step at a time.

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Footsteps Tutoring, Cayman is run by competent, professional and caring teachers with experience in leading UK schools and Cayman private schools. We can offer one to one support, consolidation and extension to children aged three and over, in all areas of the curriculum. We take pride in working with children and their families to find an individual and personalised programme to meet each child's learning needs. 

Subject Areas and Services

English: Working with children from 3+ in all areas of the literacy curriculum - phonics, spelling, handwriting, reading and understanding, writing, speaking and listening. 

Maths: Working with children aged 3 - 16 including 2014 curriciulm and iGCSE.

Science and humanities: We can supplement and extend learning in any of these subject areas on request.

Special learning needs: We can offer specialised learning programmes for children with individual learning needs such as dyselxia and ASD (autism).

Exam Preparation: Focussed and individual revision sessions for all ages, across the curriculum.

Please ask us if you have other requests for tutoring - we will always do our best to accommodate your child's needs!

Homeschool Enrichment

With homeschooling as a popular and viable education choice in Cayman. It is the choice of many families who want to teach a meaningful and personal curriculum. Families who want to be involved in the education of their children and who desire the freedom to have their own schedule and to learn at their own pace. For some families in Cayman it may be a choice that is made for them - travel commitments, language barriers or shortage of a suitable school place means that traditional schooling here in Cayman just isn't an option for their children.

While homeschooling is certainly a rewarding and enjoyable experience, we recognise that it can also be tiring and challenging for both teacher and student. We can help! Here at Footsteps we work with homeschooling families, offering as much or as little support as needed for children aged 3 and up, as long as the majority of the homeschooling happens within the home. We can supplement one hour a week to give everyone a breather, or we can take over whole subject areas if there is an area of weakness.  

Contact usfor a chat about your individual homeschooling needs and we will work together to do the best for your child.


My son was an A* maths student last year. This year his grades slipped a bit as the syllabus got more challenging. He had a term of tuition with Miss Nikki and his grades went right back up again. He enjoyed his weekly sessions and it really helped to develop his knowledge base and his confidence! 

I have one child at Footsteps who, over the school year, has flourished beyond all expectations. The standard of teaching is very high, and I can't get over how much the teachers have helped him improve. While the children are challenged educationally, they also benefit from the wonderful school culture which is also fun, nurturing, caring and creative. And what a pleasure it is to see your child wake up on school days and be excited about it!  I simply can't recommend Footsteps highly enough.

The difference at the end of this academic year has been noted. My son has made a significant improvement in English and thoroughly enjoys coming to tutoring.  In fact coming to see you is one of his favorite after school activities. Thank you!

Thanks to the team at Footsteps - I can happily say both my kids have finally grasped Math!!

I don't think we could've got through the end of year exams this year without the help of Miss Nikki! Her revision sessions were so well prepared and took all the stress out of the experience - for me!