2020-2021 Academic Calendar

Term 1

Friday 28th August 2020                       Staff return /new staff inductions

Wednesday 2nd September               Term 1 begins 

19th– 23rdOctober                               Half-term Break

Monday 26th October                           Professional Development Day

Monday 9th November                          Public Holiday (Remembrance Day)

Friday 18th December                       Term 1 ends at 3pm


Term 2

Monday 4th January 2021                 Term 2 begins

Monday 25th January                           Public Holiday (National Heroes Day)

15th– 16th February                            Half-term Break 

Wednesday 17th February                    Public Holiday (Ash Wednesday)

18th & 19th February                           Mid-term Break

Monday 22nd February                         Professional Development Day

Friday 26th March                              Term 2 ends at 3pm


Term 3

Monday 12th April 2021                    Term 3 begins

Wednesday 14th April                           Public holiday (Election Day)

Monday 17th May                                 Public Holiday (Discovery Day)

Tuesday 18th - Wednesday 19th May.     Half-term break

Monday 21st June                                 Public Holiday (Queen’s Birthday)

Wednesday 7th July                           Term 3 ends at 3pm

2021-2022 Academic Calendar


Term 1

Wednesday 1st September                Term 1 begins

Friday 15th October                              last day of half term @3pm

Monday 18th– Friday 22nd October        Half-term break

Monday 25th October                            Staff development day

Monday 15th November                         Public holiday (Remembrance Day)

Friday 17th December                        Term 1 finishes @ 3pm. 



Term 2

Tuesday 4th January 2022                        Staff development day

Wednesday 5th January 2022               Term 2 begins

Monday 24th January                               Public holiday (Heroes Day)

Friday 25th February                                last day of half term @3pm

February 28th- March 4th                         half-term break

(Ash Wednesday 2nd March)

Friday 8th April                                      Term 2 finishes @ 3pm



Term 3

Monday 25th April 2022                       Term 3 begins

Monday 16th May                                    Public holiday (Discovery Day)

Tue 17th May  - Wed 18th May                 Half-term break

Monday 20th June                                   Public holiday (Queen’s birthday)

Wednesday 29th June                           Term 3 finishes @ 3pm