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Mission Statement: Our mission is to create a vibrant, stimulating and inclusive environment where children enjoy an exciting curriculum that leads them through their educational journey, one step at a time. 


What does ‘inclusion’ mean at Footsteps?

At Footsteps, all our staff are part of the inclusion team, providing learning opportunities that are responsive and differentiated to meet the learning and social-emotional needs of all children with all abilities. This results in confident, assured children who are prepared for a future in which they will be full, participating members of society and their local communities.  

We aim to enroll a diverse student body that is a true representation of our society here in Grand Cayman (with approximately 15% of children with SEND) and work alongside parents, carers and external agencies to create a comprehensive support provision that wraps around the whole child. We care about the happiness and wellbeing of all of our children and we aim to develop happy, relaxed and confident students who boast a growth mindset. When everyone is included, everyone benefits. Tolerance, empathy and leadership skills are employed and practised daily, creating comradery amongst all of our students. 

We hold high expectations of all our students, believing that every child can progress and will achieve. We measure success not only on standardised assessments but also on personal academic targets, character development and social development.

Above all, Footsteps aims to create an educational environment where students’ unique characteristics are valued, successes are celebrated and every one of our students feels joy every day in coming to school and learning.


Inclusion and Admissions

Students with recognised special educational needs and disabilities will be invited into school for an informal assessment and a short trial. If a place is available, parents will receive a letter of acceptance and will be asked to confirm the place by paying a security deposit. Whilst Footsteps is an inclusive school, we strive to maintain the recommended 15% of student population with SEND in order for our school to be a true representation of society, and for the working environment to be balanced, manageable and beneficial to all. 

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