– Our mission statement –

 Our mission is to create a vibrant, stimulating and inclusive environment where children enjoy an exciting curriculum that leads them through their educational journey, one step at a time.

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For admissions to Footsteps School, (either full or part time)
lease email management@footstepscayman.com.

Footsteps School is a non-denominational school and welcomes students from all cultures, religions and nationalities. The school offers a varied and stimulating curriculum based on the English National Curriculum 2014. Students will be required to provide a reference from a previous learning institution prior to being offered a place at Footsteps. If deemed necessary, the school may also interview and assess students to ensure that their needs can be met within the school structure and that every child can achieve their best in our environment.

Applications will be taken purely on a first-come, first-served basis and there will be no priority given to any student, with the exception of siblings. 


Acceptance of a place at Footsteps should be accompanied by the required $250 non-refundable deposit in order to secure a place.